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9 Tips For SI Joint Pain During Pregnancy & Postpartum

  SI joint pain. I remember it all too well!  I experienced it during the last part of all three of my pregnancies.  It can literally make staying active during your pregnancy a pain in the butt!! So that you can keep up with your workouts and continue feeling...

Postpartum Bellies: Should You Be Wrapping Yours?

  Want to start a debate in the postpartum fitness world? Walk into a room and ask “So, should women use abdominal binders after pregnancy?” Things are likely to get intense quickly.  First off, let’s define our terms.  When I say abdominal...

“Good” Food vs “Bad” Food: Is There Really Such A Thing?

  So every night, shortly before bed, I will eat about 5-6 dark chocolate covered almonds that I have stashed away in the fridge. I know…it may sound a little crazy, but it’s actually not and we will get into that in a bit! I like to end the day with a little...

Your Postpartum Checklist For Healing Well After Childbirth

I have a mom in one of my fitness classes who is due to give birth any day now.  We were chatting after class a few weeks ago, and she said to me: “So, after my 6 week check-up, I’m pretty much ready to come back to working out again like normal…right? I’ve been...

Creating A Healthy Snack Zone For Your Kids

With two little boys (ages 5 & 8), snack time is like The Neverending Story in my house. First thing in the morning, my boys head off to the kitchen to grab something to eat.  Whenever they come in the house from playing outside, they head right for the kitchen. ...

How To Assess Yourself For Diastasis Recti

  One of the first things I will ask a postpartum client during a consultation is: “Have you checked yourself for Diastasis Recti yet?”  Most often the response is: “Diasta…what?”  Many women don’t even know that Diastasis Recti is even “a thing” during and after...

5 Things I Wish Moms REALLY Knew About The Fitness Industry

As much as I love the health and fitness field, there are things about it that makes me sometimes shake my head in disgust. From quick fixes to fad diets and gimmicks, there is never a short supply of products out there promising to help you lose weight and get in...

5 “Crunch Free” Core Exercises

  You’ve probably heard somewhere along the line that crunches and sit-ups are the more “functional” way to a stronger core…especially if you participate in CrossFit (or some fitness program similar to it).  You’ll find most often that sit-ups are part of the...

Leaking During Exercise: What You Need To Know

Last week, I shared some thoughts, or what others might consider a rant ;), on my Facebook page regarding urinary incontinence during exercise.  I’m sure that most of my friends on Facebook saw the post, read the first few lines, rolled their eyes, and thought “there...
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    Victoria will work hard to improve your total fitness!  Her extensive knowledge and experience with both exercise and diet allow her to give you a truly tailored experience.  While she doesn’t push a specific diet (no forcing you to go paleo, or vegan, etc), she works within your dietary habits and beliefs to encourage better health.  And, of course, her workouts are custom-built to what you need and helping you reach your goals, whether it be a lifting goal, endurance goal, or an overall fitness goal (she can even provide travel workouts when necessary).  Even if you have an injury (or are just having a bad day), Vicki is adept at expertly adapting a workout to meet the situation.  Let VixiFit help you meet your goals…. You will be glad you did!
    Deb M.
    I’ve really enjoyed working out with Victoria. She makes the workouts both fun and challenging. The workouts are varied so you don’t get bored and they are tailored to fit your needs. I would highly recommend Victoria as your Personal Trainer.
    Kathy W.
    Victoria was the first personal trainer that I ever came to.  I wasn’t sure what to expect and never really thought I needed one. Victoria’s programming was amazing! Every week she challenged me with different workouts that were fun and difficult.  I immediately noticed that I was becoming stronger and was building more self-confidence, not to mention muscle.  I’ve had numerous knee surgeries, due to a reoccurring ACL injury, and Vicki always made sure to modify exercises so that I didn’t reinjure myself, but she still pushed me so that I could build strength back.  I’ve been in many gyms and have seen many trainers, both good and bad.  I consider Victoria to be a superior programmer and her knowledge and dedication to fitness speaks for itself when you look at her. Victoria trained me in a time in my life where I needed to get that drive and passion back and without her helping me, I don’t think I would be where I am now.  It was more than achieving a fitness goal, she guided me back to happiness.
    Sarah L.
    I trained with Victoria Dosen for about two years.  I found her to be very knowledgeable, interested and experienced.  She helped me tremendously by improving my strength and flexibility.  She always listened to me when I expressed any limitations, etc.  She is also very patient!  I would recommend her to anyone!
    Mara G.
    I first met Victoria when my husband finally convinced me to try CrossFit. I was certainly intimidated, but was met with kindness and caring upon first being introduced to Victoria. Her calm demeanor, coupled with a genuine desire to see everyone succeed was all it took for me to put my trust in this pint sized pixie. (Who, by the way, was the toughest thing I’d seen since baling hay with my dad as a kid) Victoria only asks that you try, and from there, she can help shape you, your goals, and desires. She’s not only interested in how you’re feeling, how you’re performing, and what you’re putting in your body as fuel, but also genuinely interested in YOU. Your life, your mental and physical well being. You don’t get that everywhere!  All this aside, she is thoroughly adept (and qualified) to give you some of the best instruction, motivation, and even an arse kicking if you need it!  I’ve seen plenty of trainers who have an air about them as they count the minutes…not Victoria. She’s got an incredible eye that can see where your flaws are, and explain exactly what you need to try to do to fix it!  I’m so glad I left my husband talk me into trying CrossFit, I’ve made a great friend in the process.
    Sandi N.
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